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General Objectives
An open initiative

Ethicsonline is an open initiative of a growing number of institutes
to share public information about ethics of science and
to make the information accessible in a structured and targeted way

A modular approach for “setting up an information and documentation system for ethical issues”

Ethicsonline was created as a contribution to the efforts of the European Commission to establish an information service for ethical aspects of science and technology (“Action 29”)

It was developed during a Feasibility Study, funded by the European Commission.

It was first presented as a “modular organisational structure” during an international workshop organized by the European Commission on 21 October 2004, to discuss the best approach for "setting up an information and documentation system for ethical issues"

At the end of a long discussion, there was complete consensus that a “modular organisational structure” was the best way forward.
The Ethicsonline Website

This website was designed by the teams that developed the modular approach and was launched on 10 November 2004 to serve as a tool 
to clarify the modular approach chosen by the members of the EU workshop
to make it operational for the many networks that are already around
to present an analysis of the requirements of the call “Infrastructures-5” (4 November 2004)
to present a timeline and strategy to prepare a proposal for Infrastructures-5
to allow new interested partners to join
Choice is not always easy
You may not find the information you want.
The right information may not find you.

We live in a diverse world.
We have a large variety of information.
Variety is positive.
Diversity is choice .

Bibliographies alone are not the answer.
Good help needs structure.

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Ethicsonline for researchers

A group of institutions is currently preparing a joint project to develop Ethicsonline for researchers. In this context they plan to use make use of a recent call of the EU (Infrastructures-5. Deadline 3 March 2005).

Ethicsonline is structured as an open, modular network. You can still join

You would like to join?
Send an “ Expression of Interest ” with your proposed contribution and comments